Methods of problem analysis and search for solutions

In the period from 1990 to 1992 Method published a package of 7 books “Methods of technical problem analysis and search for solutions in engineering”.

   Rational Creativity by B.I. Goldovsky, M.N. Vainerman

  • Considers the basic elements of a modern creative search technology
  • Gives an idea on what a technical system is and how it can be created and developed
  • Represents methods to reveal and resolve technical contradictions and structure-energy synthesis of technical systems.

   Complex Method of Search for Technical Solutions by B.I. Goldovsky, M.N. Vainerman

  • Characterizes methods of directional search for new technical solutions
  • Details the complex directional search method
  • Demonstrates how problems can be solved using a prototype or a technical system.

   Parametric Method of Resolution of Technical Contradictions in Engineering by V.N. Glazunov

  • Investigates the reasons for technical and physical contradictions
  • Describes a formal method to detect and eliminate contradictions
  • Introduces the notion of an object with pair properties
  • Demonstrates 14 methods to eliminate physical contradictions and an array of objects with pair properties.

   Search for Operating Principles of Technical Systems by V.N. Glazunov

  • Represents a formal method to synthesize the operating principle of a technical system
  • Introduces the notion of an effect
  • Describes an array of 300 effects and an algorithm to generate (on the basis of effects) operating principles of technical systems with different functionality.

   Selection of Target in Search Activity by V.V. Titov

  • Investigates basic logical operators to be used at selecting a target
  • Introduces two target-selecting methods: an AND-OR tree method and a “problem bunch” method (multiple problem method)
  • Introduces an algorithm to build the AND-OR tree method.

   Technology of Creativity by A.B. Potapov

  • Considers creativity methods
  • Introduces a system concept to organize creative thinking to be applied to any problem situation in science, engineering, business, life, etc.

   Methods of Intuitive Search for Technical Solutions by A.V. Kudryavtsev

  • Represents methods to directly apply the intuitive approach to technical problem solving
  • Classifies technical methods to easily select one that is the most suitable for solving a particular technical problem
  • Defines a field in which the intuitive approach can be maximally preferentially applied.

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