Products to localize and distribute


Novator is an innovation program of the second generation. Novator is based on formal methods and a large knowledgebase. Novator develops concepts of new and principally new devices and technologies. Work with Novator does not require from a user any in-advance training and mastering TRIZ methods.

Effects is an encyclopedia of technically significant scientific knowledge. Effects can be used in developing concepts of devices and technologies, aimed at revealing breakages and failures as well as defining consequences for various natural and technological processes.

SA (Situation Analysis) is designed to build models of various situations. SA is especially useful for the analysis of situations in engineering.

Literature for Inventors

The book includes descriptions of 300 effects widely used in engineering. The description of each effect comprises two illustrations, a textual description, design math models, effect application examples in engineering, and other practically important information.

A package of 6 books represents modern methods to analyze problems and search for technical solutions.

The collection includes 210 problem situations from TRIZ and other sources. A number of problem situations have been developed by Method experts and never published before.