Example of Concept

❒ Operating principle

A heated porous membrane purifies a gas flow of disperse particles


Thermophoretic gas filter


A heated porous membrane is positioned vertically.
A low-rate gas flow with disperse particles (aerosol flow) from one side is fed to the membrane.
A thermophoretic repulsive force (thermophoresis) from the membrane arises to act on the particles.
A gravity force makes the particles move in the downward direction.
The gas flow passes through the membrane.
This gas flow gets purified from the disperse particles.


The lack of contact between the membrane and the disperse particles.


Low mass flow of the aerosol.


> Heated porous membrane separates gas from aerosol particles.br /> U.S. Patent 4,572,007; Feb. 25, 1986; “Thermophoretic separation of aerosol particles from a sampled gas stream”.

Basic effects

  • Heated solid creates force to act on micro particle in gas
  • Gravity force settles down aerosol particles

❒ Principle of change

Focusing natural light increases the illumination of a solid surface


  • Natural illumination of a solid surface does not satisfy the requirement.
    No additional light source can be applied in this case.
  • A bent mirror or another method can be used to focus natural light to direct it onto the solid surface.
    This results in a hundred time increase in illumination of the solid surface without using an additional light source.


> A parabolic mirror focuses sunlight.
U.S. Patent 4,656,996; Apr. 14, 1987; “Solar collector”.


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