Method Company was founded in 1989.


  1. 1989 – 1992. Publication of a package of 7 books "Methods of technical problem analysis and search for solutions in engineering", edition 50 000.

  2. 1990 – 1995. Development of (ES) EDISON (versions 1.0 - 4.03) (Download …) and ES NOVATOR (versions 1.0 - 3.0) (Download …). About 300 copies of either ES have been sold.
    EDISON and NOVATOR are intended for solving inventive problems. The programs were demonstrated at CeBIT – 95 in Hanover.

  3. 1992 – 1995. Development of test samples of some technical devices.

    • Infrared locator to detect obstacles during car parking. The locator is resistant to external heat and light sources and to pollution. The copyright was transferred to Sytel company (Russia).

    • Metal-plastic adhesive joint. Technology and construction. The ultimate strength of the adhesive joint approaches to the ultimate strength of the plastic.

    • The research work "Methods and devices for measuring the landing speed of drone aircraft".

    • The research work "Methods and devices for detecting defects in diamonds". Algorithms to restore the 3D of an object by the 2D scanning results were created, and a high-refractivity nontoxic liquid was produced.

    • Electric coagulator to stop internal hemorrhage and forceps for the use in endosurgical operations by the order of the Moscow-based department of Johnson & Johnson (USA). The copyright was transferred to J&J.

  4. 1995 - 1996. Development (beta-version) of ES TechCreator by the order of Invention Machine Corporation (USA). TechCreator automatically creates structural schemes of technical devices, on the basis of physical effects. The copyright was transferred to Invention Machine Corporation.

  5. 1996 - 2002. Participation in development of databases for a line of software.

    • Base of scientific effects for Phenomenon 1.0 (Invention Machine Corporation product, 1997).

    • Dictionary of synonyms and vertical knowledge base for CoBrain.com portal (Invention Machine Corporation product, 1998).

    • Effect module for TechOptimizer 3.05 (Invention Machine Corporation product, 2001) and for Goldfire Innovator (Invention Machine Corporation product, 2002).

    The knowledge base developed by Method Co for the projects Phenomenon, TechOptimizer, and Goldfire Innovator comprises more than 4000 physical, chemical and biological effects and more than 4000 technical examples to illustrate the effects. Each effect has a design math model, and every effect/example is provided with a textual description and animations.

  6. 2002 - 2003. Development of list containing 4000 effects.

  7. 2004 – 2009. Development of Novator 4.01 innovation software and Effects 200 database.

  8. 2010 – 2011. Development of Novator 4.02 innovation software, Effects 300 database, and the Situation Analysis (SA) software.

  9. 2012. The book «Physical Fundamentals of Engineering» published.

  10. 2013. Development of Innovation Consultant Internet Service. 

  11. 2015. The book «Conceptual Design» published.